About me:

My name is Anthony Torchia. I am 21 years old and I currently reside in Westchester County,  New York. I have been on my trading journey for over 4 years now. I trade a simple swing trading methodology. My main consideration when creating my own system was for it to be timeless. It would have worked in the 1930s and it will continue to work in the years to come. It is founded on very basic market principles. My trading plans are clearly outlined here on the site so check those out if you want to learn more about my style of trading.

About Lone Wolf Trading:

I decided to create Lone Wolf Trading LLC as the parent business to any market related endeavor of mine. Lone Wolf Trades is the first,  the goal is to provide a bias free perspective to active market participants. I believe it is possible to turn the complex world of trading into a simple structure that many people can understand. Hopefully, I can eliminate the noise and junk from your trading atmosphere. You won’t be seeing anything on here pertaining to the news, analyst estimates, fundamentals or crazy technical indicators. I trade strictly price action and use a few basic indicators to make the chart easier to read. All of the content I provide is free. I am not trying to sell anything, I truly am putting forward material that I think a lot of traders can benefit from. Lone Wolf Trading will continue to evolve as time goes on and I hope you come along for the ride.